«Educamos seres humanos para ayudar a construir un mundo más justo, pacifico, incluyente y feliz.»

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This celebration was held with the students of the starting cycle (Kindergarten and the transition Groups). It was a celebration based on love, friendship and tolerance with activities, songs and crafts all in English. The aim of these activities was to reinforce vocabulary in contrast to this celebration, and the students were able to learn phrases to express their love to others such as: «I love you» – «you are my friend» – «Hugs» «Kiss»

These celebrations help us to strength the bonds of friendship of our children, taking into account one of our pillars in the institution (PDC) Each child had the opportunity to hug, to give a tender word to their friends and also to prepare a souvenir to take away home and give the message of love to their relatives.

We also had a moment to enjoy dancing together, playing and sharing with others.


Teacher: Laura Betancur González

Gimnasio Campestre La Consolata, Todos los derechos reservados, 2020

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