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English is a wonderful tool to explore the whole world, even with the youngest children in our institution. English gives us the possibility of living a real experience while learning vocabulary and structure, as well as strengthening language skills. That’s the reason why our approach with initial education students is based on environment’s exploration with a communicative emphasis.
Transition grades and kindergarten grade had a very nice experience exploring the environment through a very striking activity for children: COOKING TIME.
The children had the opportunity to live a cooking day with specific purposes: Wore costumes as chefs, Identified the material and the vocabulary they needed to cook, recognized shapes in food, transformed the original food’s shape and had fun while they learned.
All the children and the teacher had a lot of fun learning and cooking.

TEACHER: Laura Daniela Betancur González



Gimnasio Campestre La Consolata, Todos los derechos reservados, 2020

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